Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Sale at E.B. Spider - 2 Ways to Save!

Summer Sun Headband pictured above.

I'm having a summer sale in my Etsy shop, with two ways to save!

Buy a large cupcake purse, get a small one FREE!
(Sale good through June 24th - limit 2 free)

Spend $15 before shipping, get a 10% off coupon - good on your next order (Sale good through June 27 - limit 1 coupon per person)

Custom orders are accepted! Let me make something that your little girl(s) will LOVE!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you new to couponing?

Many of my friends and family members are getting into couponing. Those that aren't that into it are giving their coupons to me, which I can't really complain about. :)

If you are new to couponing, this post is for you. It is filled with useful websites, tips, and much more.

Where to Find Coupons

You can find coupons just about anywhere. Below are the places you can find them, organized by category.

1. Sunday Newspaper.
Subscribe to your local newspaper. If you can get more than one city's paper, get more than one. Coupons differ from area to area. Typically though, the larger city has the most coupons.

2. Direct from Companies
If you have an issue with a product, contact the company. I did this just last week. The company informed me that they would be sending me coupons in the mail. If you just want to compliment a company on one of their products, go for it! They will probably send you coupons for that too. If they don't offer, ask! The worse they can do is say no.

3. Coupon Books
Many times companies like Proctor and Gamble will put out a coupon book with multiple products in it. See my past posts on free coupon book offers here. Also, often schools will sell coupon books that include coupons to restaurants.

4. Websites to Print from
Go directly to these websites to print your own coupons. Typically, you can only print 2 coupons per computer. If you have multiple computers, make sure you set them up to be able to print. That way you can have even more coupons!

5. Websites to Purchase from
I know what you're thinking. "Purchasing coupons? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of HAVING coupons?" Some websites "sell" coupons. In reality they aren't selling the coupons, they are selling the time it takes to clip and mail the coupons. Per Ebay's policy, people are also not allowed to sell actual coupons, but what you're paying the seller for is their time. Don't worry about this, because the price of the coupons always exceeds the amount you are going to pay.

6. Store Websites
Check out your favorite store's website. It may have a section where you can print exclusive store coupons.

7. Newsletters
Sign up for email newsletters for stores and companies. They often will send you coupons, free offers, and sale alerts. You may want to set up a different email account just for these newsletters.

Coupon Tips

1. Know the price of the items you buy often. You have to know what the regular price is in order to know what's a good deal. A deal to one store is expensive compared to another store. You can write these prices down or just memorize them.

2. Organize your grocery coupons by store sections. For example, I have my coupons organized by: Medicine/First Aid, Health & Beauty/Toiletries, Dairy, Meats & Frozen, etc. Create the categories by how you shop, what you shop for most often, and skip the ones you don't buy from.

3. Print what you need. When it comes to printing your own coupons, don't print WAY more than you think you will use. You will just waste paper and ink.

4. Print fast! Some printable coupons go fast. If you are going to use them or know someone who will print them as much as possible and FAST. Kraft and diaper/training pants coupons usually go REALLY fast. I know this somewhat contradicts #3. :)

5. Clip coupons that you don't want. Keep them in a seperate section or envelope. You can always swap with someone who does want them or give them to a family member. See below for places to swap with other people.

Shopping with Coupons

1. Plan your menu and grocery trips around the store's weekly ad. Assuming you know what the good deals really are, use the flyer to make your list. Only buy things that are on sale. If you really want to stretch your dollar, only buy things that are on sale that you also have a coupon for. You will be amazed at how much you can save this way.

2. Make store envelopes for the stores you shop at. These can help you save money at the grocery store. Make your weekly list, add it up, then match it up with your coupons and subtract those. Then, you will have a specific list and an amount that you will expect to spend. Stick to the list and you will have no surprises.

3. Carry your coupon folder with you. Have it with you on your grocery trip, but leave it in the car. Sometimes stores have sales that are unadvertised in the weekly ad. You may find an amazing deal that you also have a coupon for. You can park your cart and go out to the car to get it. Keeping the folder in the car prevents you from adding a lot more stuff to your cart. I usually have $10 extra in my budget, just in case I catch an additional good sale. If I don't find a great one, it doesn't get added to my cart.

4. Combine store and manufacturer coupons. This is an amazing way to save. Many stores have their own coupons which you can "stack" with a manufacturer coupon. This means you get twice the discount on the same item.

5. Don't be afraid to stock pile. If you have the room to store it, buy things in advance. Buy for the month or 2 months ahead. When I go to the store, I rarely have anything in my cart that will make a meal. I love to stock pile on side dishes, juice, toothpaste, toilet paper, and snacks for my daughter. I rarely find deals on hamburger meat, chicken, or porkchops, so I just buy those at Walmart. Everything else I buy in multiples when it's on sale and I have a coupon for it, like I described in #1.

6. Know your store's coupon policy. This one is a little more complicated. Sometimes one store will take a coupon and another store of the same chain will not. This is where we like to say YMMV, which means Your Manager May Vary. Some managers will let you use some coupons, and some won't. Typically, stores have a coupon policy which you can find on their website. If not, contact their cooperate office to get a copy. It wouldn't hurt to carry a copy of this with you to the store, but it's usually not necessary. Some stores won't stack coupons, some stores will. Some won't accept internet printable coupons. It's important to know this before you go.

Places to Swap Coupons

A Full Cup - This is a FABULOUS website! They have a forum for each store, category of coupons, coupon tips, and much much more. If you trade coupons with someone, there is even a trader rating that you can give feedback on the person you traded with. I just did my first trade this week.

Coupon Moms - Coming Soon! This groups will be a place where moms can discuss coupons and saving money, as well as swap coupons. Stay tuned!

Online Groups - I'm sure there are many Yahoo and Google groups that are dedicated to couponing. Do a search for them. You may even find a locate coupon group.

Family/Friends - Get together on a certain day of the week to swap coupons. You may even want to keep a list of coupons your friends/family members are in search of.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Get More Coupons

I recently received a box of snacks that a family member bought for my daughter. Upon opening them, I noticed the snacks just didn't look right. I immediately looked at the expiration date. Nope, doesn't expire til Sept 2009. Hmmm....

I then decided to email the company. I described the issue I had with the snacks, and also added that while I used to buy their brand of snacks exclusively, I since had to switch to another brand because theirs was increasingly hard to find.

Within 2-3 days, I received an email back. In this email, a lady explained why the snacks may have looked the way they did. She also mentioned that for a while, I may not find this product on the shelves. I assume this is because they are changing it slightly. I was VERY excited to read that the company will be sending me coupons in the mail! What a great company!

If you want to receive more coupons, contact those companies when something goes wrong. Better yet, contact them when something goes right! Bad news always travels fast, so it's always surprising to hear GOOD news. The worst they can do is to say "no" to sending the coupons. But, from what I've heard, companies usually volunteer to send you coupons. It's worth a shot. Now get to contacting!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free MP3 Song Download

Rhapsody has a free song to download, everyday! Make sure you check it everyday to see which song is available. All MP3s are IPOD compatiable!
You can find the song of the day here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tide Stain Release Coupon

Tide has a new product in their line, that is being released in late July. It is Tide Stain Release. It will come in powder, liquid, and a duo pack.

You can get a $1.50 off coupon for Tide Stain Release here.


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